The Science

The cultivation, manufacturing and regulation of medical cannabis is a controversial subject due to the diverse applications of the cannabis plant.  With utility as both a medicine and a food product, cannabis walks a regulatory boundary that has not been fully realized.  Third-party cannabis testing with CannLabs is meant to encourage scientific accountability across the medical cannabis industry to benefit patients everywhere.  The current research shows that cannabis is a powerful medicine that can be used to treat severely ill individuals, but the current production methods are closer to farming than pharmaceutical development.

CannLabs is proud to contribute to the growing understanding of the cannabis plant and its applications. It is our assertion that third party testing of medical cannabis is the best way to bring scientific credibility and consistent regulatory guidelines to the cannabis industry.  Independent third party cannabis testing with CannLabs gives credibility beyond the “in-house” testing some dispensaries offer.  When a dispensary or caregiver makes the decision to test products themselves, it creates the opportunity to tamper with results, and even dispensaries with the best intentions can be affected by simple human error.  Testing with a third party certified laboratory like CannLabs engenders confidence in competent results while preventing biased testing.