Realm of Caring

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The Realm of Caring is a 501c3 non-profit organization formed to offer and promote a higher quality of life for Coloradans affected by multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s, cancer and many other debilitating conditions through the application of concentrated medical cannabis oil [Realm Oil] provided by Indispensary & The Stanley Family.

The Stanley Family are the founders of the Realm of Caring Foundation. The brothers, Joel, Jesse, Jon, Jordan and Jared, are the lead cultivators for Indispensary, the primary provider of specially produced cannabis medicine for Realm of Caring patients. Their reputation as some of Colorado’s finest cannabis cultivators and growers. Their specialty is focused on the development of high CBD strains of cannabis for medical use, including Charlotte’s Web, a cannabis strain used specifically for treating symptoms of Dravet Syndrome.

CannLabs works directly with Indispensary and the Realm of Caring to provide testing and consulting for medical cannabis treatments for their patients. At CannLabs, we support the ongoing research and development of new forms of cannabis medicine, and the team at the Realm of Caring Foundation are helping us forge new methods for patients who might benefit from medical marijuana treatments.

It is our responsibility (along with the rest of the cannabis community) to provide the highest quality, safest, most effective cannabis medicine we are able to create. When we are performing testing, we know that patient welfare is in our hands. The importance of exceptional and precise cannabis testing for medical marijuana patients can not be understated. By working with The Realm of Caring Foundation, CannLabs can make an ongoing contribution to the bright future of cannabis medicine.

The Realm of Caring is the first organization of its kind to provide alternative cannabis oil therapy at a relatively low cost to patients who seek it. Every patient’s progress is carefully monitored through The Realm of Caring as well as observational studies conducted by experienced and qualified medical professionals. Thanks to this observational research, The Realm of Caring is able to spread awareness to the general public as to the miraculous effects of this often-understood medical treatment. Visit The Realm of Caring Foundation’s website and learn more today.