Our Services

At CannLabs we provide a variety of valuable and necessary services for the cannabis industry including: potency testing, residual solvent testing, microbiological testing and new product development.  Our diverse approach to science benefits you, our clients and the cannabis industry.  How? By conducting and documenting an independent comprehensive examination of the cannabis plant and its many applications. One of the primary goals at CannLabs is to improve industry standards and raise expectations for all aspects of cannabis product testing.  We are also pleased to provide our clients with access to education and innovation through our own cannabis consulting and product creation services. Cannabis is an amazing and versatile plant that aids with a wide variety of ailments and symptoms. Without dosing, safety testing, and ongoing study it is impossible to determine what is needed for patients.  With CannLabs, there are no unknown variables in our testing procedures; precise and responsible cannabis testing is paramount to the safety of patients and the continued growth of the science of cannabis.

CannLabs is the top cannabis lab in the nation and our headquarters in Colorado is the longest running cannabis testing laboratory in the state.  Our equipment and testing facilities enable us to test cannabis products of all kinds.  We regularly perform potency testing for cannabis flower, hash, hash oils, cooking oils, edibles, and any other cannabis products you may know of.  The CannLabs testing facilities are equipped with the latest technology available, and our expert cannabis consultants and product developers use their knowledge to constantly educate our clients and improve our own analytical standards.